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  • Michael Pipoquinha is young Brazilian bass player. He came to attention with his homemade bass videos uploaded to youtube six years ago, when he was 13. He learned to play bass the organic way, from his father and grandfather.

    His playing combines slapping style of Victor Wooten with Brazilian melodic and harmonic heritage. Michael mention Jaco Pastorius, Arthur Maia, Victor Wooten, Nico Assumpção, John Patitucci and Luizão Maia as his main influence.

    Pipoquinha demonstrated a promising career, participating in instrumental music big festivals such as Brazil Fortaleza Bass Festival, Guaramiranga Jazz and Blues Festival and Rio das Ostras Festival, performing with great names in national music such as Nelio Costa, Artur Maia, Jeferson Gonçalves and Big Time Orchestra.

    Pipoquinha participated in the recording of the famous bass player’s Sergio Groove DVD.

    In 2015 Pipoquinha had his first show in Europe and was invited to sing in «We’ve got a talent» show, where he sang authorial songs from his album Cearencinho playing with renowned Big Band WDR, in Colony, Germany.

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  • Michael Pipoquinha


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    Spring 2018
    Summer-Fall 2018


  • Michael Pipoquinha & Big Band WDR - Baião pra Elizeu

    The Kennedy Administration live @ the Groove NYC, 2016

    Michael Pipoquinha

    Brasilian superstar Michael Pipoquinha plays the FAME 6-string bass